Brawlers to Support Local Suicide Awareness Ride and Benefit

In the wake of the derby community’s passionate response to the loss of 15 year old Casper to suicide, the Brawlers are happy to lend their support to suicide awareness on the home front.  The team will be supporting the Suicide Awareness Ride and Benefit at the Pavilion June 6, 2015. Registration and the start/finish […]

Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography

Call to Action on Suicide Prevention

The roller derby community is know for many things: being tough, never giving up, maybe being a little rough around the edges, being tough athletes.  But the most important thing about the derby community, either our small team-based community or the roller derby world at large, is that it is a family.  An admittedly strange […]

New Faces on the Track

We know that Brawlers fans are the best kind of fans and there is a whole lot to be a fan of this season.  First and foremost, we have ourselves some brand new Brawlers taking the track. As you might expect, they each came to us in very different ways. “I did a final project […]

Pix C Pop #515
Photo courtesy of Donna Olmstead Photography


7 Things I Want You To Know…Freshmeat

1. You don’t have to know how to skate. Yeah, it helps, but it isn’t necessary.  Come prepared to learn and I’ll teach you what you need to know. Our team is made up of skaters with all different kinds of athletic backgrounds and different skill-sets. None of us are professional speed skaters, and for […]


 It’s FINALLY Bout Day! Tonight, your Brawlers will kick off their FIFTH season, and you DO NOT want to miss it!!! For more information about the event itself, click here. Also, as an added treat, there will be performances by the CFHS Dance Teams and the W-SR Dance Team at halftime. Think you’ve got it […]



7 Things I Want You to Know…About CVDD

We are days away from kicking off our fifth season, and we want you in the stands to see it. Whether this is the first bout you’ve ever planned on attending, a die-hard Brawler fan, or a visiting derby sister, the following is a list that will help you get to know our league better. […]


Your BRAWLERS  are back, and back with one goal: VICTORY. The BRAWLERS will take on the ladies of Rockford Rage Roller Derby on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 at McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo, Iowa. Doors open at 5pm, first jam at 6pm. This season’s BRAWLERS are made up of some very seasoned veterans, some returning vets, and […]



Say “roller derby” to almost anyone and the most popular reaction will be entirely outdated – witticisms of fishnets and tiny shorts, cannonballs and fist fights.  Not exactly giving credit to the revolution of athleticism that the sport really entails.  Generally speaking, derby athletes also illicit a mixed reaction as spectators quietly search for tattoos […]


If there was ever a time to question the level of athleticism of derby athletes, last season was not a good time.  Roller derby, as most people understand it, was once a show of acting rather than a show of sport.  These athletes today spend hours on the track practicing minute footwork, long stretches of […]